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[audio]Zoua - Asaguare
Orchestral ambience with harmonized voice waves. Balancing between arcane phrases and smooth transitions; a fragile yet melliferous and slightly psychedelic dreamscape sound carpet.
Keywords: experimental; ambient; classic; orchestra; psychedelic; vocals; soundscape; chill
Downloads: 45
[audio]Hey Friend - Asaguare
Alternative Pop, dark ambient 70's style. Decades ago, when I used to spend my weekends with friends, just hanging around and listening music, I always wondered: where do they get their tapes, cassettes and platters from? Some numbers, of course, were well-known, say by Pink Floyd, Zappa or Doors; but most of the other stuff was completely unknown to me, wonderful psychedelic ProgRock-ish tunes of bands that I had never heard of...
Keywords: alternative; progressive; dark; pop; retro; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 38
[audio]Neophytiom - Asaguare
Percussive orchestral soundscape. A rather minimal piece, based on the background noises, with much space for imagination.
Keywords: experimental; percussion; orchestra; minimal; soundscape; chill
Downloads: 47
[audio]Swamp - Asaguare
Acappella Tribal. Song about throwing troubles into a deep swamp and hoping they'll never show up anymore. Yea if only life could be that easy...
Keywords: acappella; tribal; experimental; vocals; song; lyrics; english
Downloads: 40
[audio]Heart Of The City - Asaguare
Urban Rock/Triphop Ballad about bleakness of niteclubbin scenes, trying to find answers and reaching decisions even they lead to isolation. Additional vocal appearence: C. Layne
Keywords: rock; triphop; ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 61
[audio]Ragaru - Asaguare
Indian style Ethno essay. Once again a melody that stuck in my head for about a decade. It was actually an improvisation sequence when a pal tried out his new tabla and I contributed a background theme on guitar. Finally got it recorded and arranged in a new version.
Keywords: instrumental; ethno; india; percussion; sitar
Downloads: 61
[audio]Xylophelia - Asaguare
Meditative essay.
Keywords: alternative; ethno; vocals; soundscape; chill
Downloads: 59
[audio]Acid Baby - Asaguare
Hardcore lullaby with autotuned baby cries. Not for the weak! Distorted percussion: IGTB
Keywords: alternative; industrial; acid; experimental; dancefloor; vocals; baby; autotune; lullaby
Downloads: 33
[audio]Mimm - Asaguare
Ambient and chilling textures. Its title is the abbreviation of 'Music Is My Medication' which appears as spoken words performed by Elaine Sharp (aka eshar). First I wanted to insert an electric guitar solo, but this would have influenced the nice meditative atmo in a negative way. So I only added my two sung vocal tracks.
Keywords: ambient; vocals; chill
Downloads: 25
[audio]Walk On - Asaguare
Stumbled upon this acappella tune from narva9 and thought 'hey, let's add some blues instrumentals'. So I recorded a bit of mouth harp and guitar playing, and twiddled with a sort of shuffled drumloop. It didn't work out as groovy as I intended, but has its own nice drive. Vocals, lyrics: narva9
Keywords: blues; swing; groove; guitar; vocals; lyrics; song; english; harp; revolution
Downloads: 35
[audio]Orb Bits Orbits - Asaguare
Darkly droning overtone sky behind sound clouds.
Keywords: ambient; industrial; instrumental; experimental; drone; soundscape
Downloads: 53
[audio]Qaliz - Asaguare
Instrumental essay, featuring a distorted harp.
Keywords: alternative; instrumental; soundscape
Downloads: 46
[audio]Tichom - Asaguare
Synth-rock ballad. Vocals, lyrics: Kaer Trouz
Keywords: rock; pop; synth; vocals; lyrics; song; english; ballad
Downloads: 39
[audio]Fortune - Asaguare
Indie Rock (vocals/lyrics: Kristin Hersh) Although Kristin's original vocal stem was pretty good, I pitched it down (3 semitones) to get that strange undefinable voice flavour.
Keywords: rock; pop; guitar; vocals; lyrics; english; song; ballad
Downloads: 52
[audio]Fea Ye Nu Flu - Asaguare
Jazz influenced Metal. The other day, reading an article about this darn swine flu, I was in the strange mood for a dark weird thing. Well, for the dark side I took the metal guitars, and for the weird side a 7/8 measure and some impressionistic melodies. Dunno if the tune is that flu-ish... but it's rocking when played loud.
Keywords: jazzrock; rock; metal; guitar; instrumental
Downloads: 61
[audio]Ectoplasme - Asaguare
Hypnotic choral cluster with Outback touch and freejazzy saxophones. If you happen to like mystical textures (e.g. as heard in the movie 'Picnic at Hanging Rock') then this tune is for you.
Keywords: experimental; instrumental; choir; cluster; mystical; saxophone; jazz; chill
Downloads: 69
[audio]In Control - Asaguare
Alternative Pop - Main vocals, lyrics: Beng Calma-Alcazaren (from dripmanila) - Backing vocals: Lotusfae Based on Beng's pella (Swanker), added some progressive pop elements and a bit of guitar.
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english; progressive; groove
Downloads: 38
[audio]Clean Sheet - Asaguare
Ambient Dancefloor ballad. Vocals, lyrics: Ciggi Burns
Keywords: ambient; pop; dancefloor; vocals; lyrics; song; ballad; english
Downloads: 41
[audio]Searching - Asaguare
Downtempo Rockpop Ballad. Adaption from poem 'Searching' by Sylvan Shadowolf (aka Necromanos). This collab work is based on processed clips by Necromanos (backing pads, guitar solo parts) and by me (MIDI, vocals, guitar parts, arrangement).
Keywords: rock; pop; ballad; vocals; lyrics; english; song; guitar
Downloads: 28
[audio]Koncepth - Asaguare
Glitchy beats Jazz session The main theme was a spontaneously improvised melodical phrase that I used for testing a home-made guitar, especially its single coil pickup which took me hours of winding thin inductor wires. This happened in the early 80s and somewhere down the road I gave the guitar away. However the melody stuck in my head for all those years. A couple of days ago I was talking to an old friend - we used to jam around in former times - and he asked me why I published so much Pop an...
Keywords: jazz; instrumental; guitar; improvisation
Downloads: 46
[audio]End Of The Street - Asaguare
Sad story about a lonely old drinking guy dwelling out there, far from civilisation. Actually his fate isn't fun, but the song still has kindof dark humour when you hear his weeping brittle voice, or when even Jesus finally tells him there's no way out.
Keywords: vocals; lyrics; english; song; ballad; downtempo; ironic
Downloads: 48
[audio]Carpe Diem Loosa - Asaguare
Simple pop song with a funky touch. It's about talking quite severely to a youngster who is a good-for-nothing. Writing the lyrics, I sometimes had to smile, because I remembered all the things people told me when they weren't much amused about my lazy way of life when I was a teenager. So in a way these lyrics are fairly timeless; you'll always hear some nice disputes in generation conflicts.
Keywords: pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english; ironic; funky
Downloads: 46
[audio]Like A Sunrise - Asaguare
Nice and warm atmospheric Pop tune. Vocals, lyrics: Diane Jessurun
Keywords: electronica; synth; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 45
[audio]Phreex Inth Darque - Asaguare
Meditative vocal mashup As the title (='freaks in the dark') indicates, kind of a disturbing yet melodic vocal soundstream, inspired by a strange dream I once had. Although the basic 66 BPM tempo is rather low, it was a funny challenge to record the Udu percussion track which consists of triplet style meters and goes up to 1/48 notes. Not the easiest task to keep the pace at a manual beat frequency of 13.2 Hz; at least this has been an unusual exercise for me.
Keywords: experimental; ethno; udu; vocals; dark; soundscape; chill
Downloads: 67
[audio]French Station Blues - Asaguare
Just an experimental blues, melted into train noise. After the mixdown I wasn't happy about my humble playing, but I was also not in the mood to rearrange or re-record. Honestly, the best thing in this tune is the honking car at the very end (listen carefully).
Keywords: instrumental; experimental; blues; jazz; noise; environment
Downloads: 60
[audio]Emerged - Asaguare
A rather chilling mashup; with a noisy background made from IGTB's 'Emerging Energy'-clip in various filtered and postprocessed variations. Additional noise: IGTB
Keywords: experimental; soundscape; noise; groove; chill
Downloads: 38
[audio]Kyrie Psycheleison - Asaguare
Rather minimal and chilling mix of percussion, electronica and choral voices. Female choir: Jacinda Espinosa Male choir: kthuga
Keywords: experimental; electronica; synth; vocals; lyrics; choir; latin; church; sacral
Downloads: 71
[audio]Bloody Letters - Asaguare
Raggae style ballad. A guy walking along the beach and thinking about this and that.
Keywords: raggae; dub; vocals; lyrics; song; english; ballad
Downloads: 117
[audio]Beaux Airs - Asaguare
Meditative choral soundscape. Chillout ambience with a bit of delayed chanting.
Keywords: alternative; ambient; vocals; choir; chant; soundscape; chill
Downloads: 85
[audio]Ondine - Asaguare
Dared impressionistic fusion of dark IDM and classic: Dynamic piano lines (partly processed), framed by a primitive machinery beat. Not everyone's gusto, I know. However, I didn't want to come up with anything mainstreamy that day, and this one reflects pretty much the mood I was in. Theme: Joseph-Maurice Ravel - Ondine (from Gaspard de la nuit, 1908)
Keywords: instrumental; industrial; noise; classic; piano; soundscape
Downloads: 63
[audio]Klubbo Roma - Asaguare
Club music with Roma theme. Main vocals: Nane Tsoha
Keywords: dancefloor; electronica; ethno; vocals
Downloads: 70
[audio]Funky In Love - Asaguare
Groovy tune, inspired by Necromanos. Instrumental pad: Necromanos Vocals, lyrics, trumpet: Shannonsongs
Keywords: pop; funky; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 58
[audio]You Are - Asaguare
Simple downtempo Pop tune. Add. female vocals: calendargirl Add. instrumental tracks: Yann van der Cruyssen (aka Morusque)
Keywords: alternative; pop; downtempo; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 30
[audio]Lay For Laura - Asaguare
Voice collage. Vocals, lyrics: debbizo
Keywords: ambient; alternative; ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; english; chill
Downloads: 165
[audio]Julian - Asaguare
Adaption of 'Julia', a touching ballad, composed and originally sung by ole splicer mate Brittany Sheehan aka Lotusfae. I loved her tune from the first time I heard it (on her myspace page); and I also was pretty sure to create a cover of this pearl one fine day, making it a male (Julian) version - although I wasn't sure which style to use. Well, in the end it's still a ballad with minimal instrumentation; just added some backing choir.
Keywords: ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; english; sad; lotusfae
Downloads: 35
[audio]All I Want - Asaguare
Nice and simple ambient ballad with guitars and flute, featuring Kaer Trouz (lyrics and vocals).
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; ballad; ambient; english
Downloads: 30
[audio]Quiet Highway - Asaguare
Rock song about driving down the road on a heavy machine - dedicated to restless bikers.
Keywords: rock; vocals; lyrics; song; english; guitar; harley
Downloads: 40
[audio]Fmoub - Asaguare
Free Jazz - Avantgarde essay in A Minor. If you don't feel comfortable with the first few bars then better skip this tune - it won't become less complex thereafter. Actually it's a pretty straight 7/8 beat and harmonically far from atonal, so at least the Jazz fans among us might like it; in particular its uncommon classical chamber music instrumentation. Strings: Ronald Brunce Smith, Peter Sculthorpe Drums: Bill Ray
Keywords: experimental; avantgarde; jazz; classic; strings; instrumental
Downloads: 43
[audio]After The War - Asaguare
Experimental tune with darkish ambience - for those who demand less Pop and more Noise. Vocals, lyrics: SackJo22
Keywords: experimental; progressive; electronica; vocals; lyrics; song; english; soundscape; noise; drone
Downloads: 33
[audio]Arrival - Asaguare
Instrumental essay.
Keywords: alternative; instrumental; soundscape
Downloads: 35
[audio]Each Other - Asaguare
Cute little Dance/Pop tune (lyrics/voice: Sue Tompkins). Actually starting as a test for some VST synths and vocoder fx, the arrangement turned out sounding so happy-moody that I had to mix it down.
Keywords: dancefloor; pop; vocoder; lyrics; english
Downloads: 40
[audio]Enfin M'En Fous - Asaguare
Minimal meditative scape with industrial touch. Sung lament of a teenager who feels cramped by social conventions and thus decides to ignore them. The (French) title means 'finally I don't care'.
Keywords: ambient; alternative; industrial; minimal; vocals; soundscape
Downloads: 34
[audio]Sintetik Boogi - Asaguare
Electro Blues Simple glitchy boogie, just rendered for fun and to avoid neglecting our groovy tunes. Btw, these weird background noises are extracted from a kaossilator demo track.
Keywords: electronica; blues; boogie; glitch; groove; instrumental
Downloads: 55
[audio]Cornuta Bay - Asaguare
Chilling fusion of Alternative Pop and Lounge.
Keywords: ambient; vocals; fusion; alternative; pop; lounge
Downloads: 52
[audio]Lowland Heights - Asaguare
Years ago I used to have weekly bike rides at the countryside. On these relaxing trips a lot of melodies and themes came to my mind. This is one of it.
Keywords: jazz; instrumental; guitar; synth; pad; improvisation
Downloads: 48
[audio]Urban Dawn - Asaguare
Soundscape of an early morning. I've been living at busy places in the mid of town and have always been fascinated by the magic of morning hours, when all awakens and starts another day.
Keywords: soundscape; ambient; pad; guitar; instrumental; atmosphere
Downloads: 57
[audio]I'm Fine - Asaguare
Downtempo Ambient Alternative (vocals/lyrics: narva9) Another minimal tune (less is more), quite simple, sort of laid-back and a wee bit of sadness.
Keywords: vocals; lyrics; english; song; downtempo; ambient; alternative; minimal; ballad; chill
Downloads: 50
[audio]Blanket - Asaguare
Cute groovy Electropop tune.
Keywords: electronica; pop; synth; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 39
[audio]Hey Friend - Asaguare
Alternative Pop, dark ambient 70's style. Decades ago, when I used to spend my weekends with friends, just hanging around and listening music, I always wondered: where do they get their tapes, cassettes and platters from? Some numbers, of course, were well-known, say by Pink Floyd, Zappa or Doors; but most of the other stuff was completely unknown to me, wonderful psychedelic ProgRock-ish tunes of bands that I had never heard of...
Keywords: alternative; progressive; dark; pop; retro; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 43
[audio]Kryscolias Rain - Asaguare
Strange and mellow Synthpop ballad. Vocals, lyrics: kryscolia
Keywords: alternative; pop; electronica; synth; vocals; lyrics; song; english; ballad
Downloads: 45
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